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Generous Viewers Help Mentally Disabled Theft Victim

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Johnny Bryant is a mentally disabled man who lost all of his
retirement money to a thief.

At least five people made huge donations totaling more than $7,000 to
help Johnny Bryant, a mentally disabled man whose entire retirement
account was emptied by a woman now serving a five-year prison

Since FOX 4 aired Bryant's story Tuesday night, one person gave $3,000
and another donated $1,900, according to Bryant's family members.
"It's incredible," said sister Jenny Bosley.

The goodwill started at the trial of 46-year-old Cynthia Hardee, who
befriended Bryant back in 2002. Prosecutors proved she convinced the
53-year-old grocery stocker to empty his account. Hardee then spent
$73,000 on items like a Jeep, trips to Build-A-Bear, and a big-screen
TV. The rest of the Tarrant County man's $151,000 retirement account
was squandered until it was gone, too.

Hardee was found guilty and sentenced to five years in prison. Jury
forewoman Crystal Jones then decided to donate the $166 she earned
from jury duty to a fund to help Bryant in his golden years. Other
jurors followed suit, and prosecutor Joe Shannon even wrote a $250

Jones, who has a mentally disabled family member, created a benefit
fund at Wells Fargo Bank in Johnny Bryant's name.

When FOX 4's Brandon Todd reported Tuesday that Bryant will never be
able to retire, the phones started ringing at Wells Fargo branches
around North Texas the next day.

If you'd like to help, here's how:

Call any Wells Fargo Bank branch.
Tell them you'd like to donate to the:
Benefit of Johnny Bryant
Account Number Ending in 4077

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