Monday, June 13, 2011

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Subject: Tell Texas school: Don't make survivor pay $35,000 for refusing to cheer for her rapist!

Dear Friend,

A student at the high school in Silsbee, Texas, reported being raped by a fellow student and athletic star. Her rapist, Rakheem Bolton (who eventually pleaded guilty to a lesser assault charge), was allowed to continue to play on the varsity basketball team.

As a member of her high school cheering squad, the rape survivor refused to cheer for her rapist during a school sporting event. But school officials said she was required to cheer for her rapist if she wanted to stay on the team. Bravely, she refused, and was kicked off the team.

No young woman should be forced to cheer for her rapist. The family of the girl sued the school district and lost. And now Silsbee High School can actually force her parents to pay their legal fees, which are more than $35,000.

I just signed a petition, telling the Silsbee School District not to force this young woman's family to pay $35,000 for refusing to cheer for her rapist. If you're as outraged as I am, you should sign too. Click below to take action.
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