Monday, February 28, 2011

ft worth speakers needed

The City of Fort Worth is in Urgent need of more Volunteer
Co-Facilitators for the LGBT Diversity Training being done for
General, Police and Fire employees of the City.

Volunteers work in teams to Facilitate the classes from a prepared
presentation. This requires presenting the material, and in some
places reading directly from it, and being willing to answer
Participants' questions and address their Comments.
"Train-the-Trainer" sessions are tentatively planned for the latter
part of April/early May. Potential Volunteers are invited to attend a
regular session to observe!

Facilitators are needed for the class that have experience presenting
"corporate" Training, or, are accustomed to speaking to large groups,
(25-40 Participants), and can be available once a month, (or more if
your schedule allows), for presentations to;
General City employees on Week Days- to date, 9AM-1PM, or, 1PM-5PM at
the City Hall Annex Downtown,
and, for Police/Fire- to date, 6PM-10PM on a weekday evening, or,
9AM-1PM Saturdays at the Police Academy in Fort Worth.
Other, "late- night" classes for employees working in 24/7 City
Departments have not been scheduled to date, but are possible if there
are Volunteers with schedules that can accommodate late nights!
(7PM-11PM, 8PM-12PM...)
Volunteers who identify as Heterosexual, Bisexual and Transgender are
not represented currently, and it would be wonderful to have
Volunteers from those communities participate!
If you, or someone you know, is willing to help shoulder the
responsibility of presenting this positive, important, and informative
Volunteers can Contact;
Steve Friday
cell 214-475-9765
Lorelei "Lori" Bagley
Sr. Human Resources Analyst
City of Fort Worth
Employee Relations Division
817-392-8041 (direct dial)"

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