Thursday, January 27, 2011

Fwd: FW: Prince

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Subject: Prince


Anyone in the market for a most fabulous kitten?  This boy is fully vetted, trained, and "perfect in every way"! 


He's lived with dogs of all sizes too!


Contact Sara Shepperd if you're interested in adding Prince to your pack:


---------- Forwarded message ----------

Hi Guys,


This kitten jumped into the puppy crate on my December 4 rescue mission in Princeton with CCHS... so I brought him to my Dad to "foster" - I am shocked no one has adopted him - he is PERFECT in every way if you like young, active cats.


"Prince" is 8.5 lbs (thanks to Dad), spoiled rotten, love cat toys, scratching pole and PEOPLE - lived with dogs of all sizes - vet says about 6-7 months old - totally healthy, FIV negative, FULLY VETTED and I need to find another foster for him because my Dad's apartment manager is all over us for a $500 deposit!


... My dad also litter-box trained him - he is good to go!


Here he is:





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