Saturday, October 09, 2010

vote for brendon[again]

this is just another reminder if you have not done so.
even if this kid does not win, i would like to raise money to make sure he gets to go and also that his teacher mrs stewart, gets extra funds to help the classroom.  pls email me or call me with any questions. i have a paypal account, we can make this happen!
682 225 7973 cell
you can make a donation at my email address for payment is or i will make sure the money goes to the family and the teacher.
thanks so much
nathan day


Click on the left side on SPECIALIZED INSTRUCTION (in orange letters) where it says MORGAN'S WONDERLAND.  This will take you to the nominations page.  You will have to scroll thru all the pages to find BRENDEN'S name (sorry).  Everytime he gets a vote, it changes the page location.  It will only have his first name printed and my name underneath as the teacher nominator.  I am not sure how often it will let you vote….JUST PLEASE VOTE!!


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