Wednesday, June 17, 2009


Dear Customers ,
Hi we are Savita and Joy , the people behind ebay id hearburn_relief ,
joymukherji200188jq . e_prilosec is one of our friends . Selling
omeprazole helps him meet ends well . We don't make much profit off
selling this drug but since ebay shut down sales of generic prilosec
or omeprazole , I made my own "plain and simple" site , very easy to
go through the order process , paypal accepted , and if you don't have
paypal then you can still pay me through credit/debit card through
paypal's site . Our ebay feedback scores were 100% positive with
people who had nothing but only good things to say about my product
and service . For now you can order 200 pills for $38 shipping
included . Talking to ebay is like hitting a brick wall . I am also
fighting depression and unable to work but I am dedicated to bring you
the highest quality product at an price americans can afford . I mean
look the prices of prescription drugs in America , just ridicilous !
My mom had a stroke and she takes clot busting medication from India .
This country is one of the largest drug maker in the world with US-FDA
approved plants . Big Pharma uses scare tactics to scare americans
that drugs from outside the country are not safe where as billions of
people rely on them in Asia . As China is to manufacturing , India is
to making high quality generic drugs .
Hope you place order soon . We will see your order from start to
finish . Customer satisfaction is our # 1 priority . In India they
have a saying that "Work is God" , so we will try our best and provide
you with omeprazole for as long as possible . There is this guy who is
very sick with kidney failure so we are looking if we can help him
financially . When we love others we help them love God .
Thanks for your time . I already see your orders coming !
Warm Regards from Joy and Savita

nathan day

270-721-0482 FAX

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