Sunday, May 17, 2009

from mark

Hi Everybody,
Well, I think we have everything in place for Jim's Celebration of
Life service this Saturday at 3pm. In addition to Rita's punch bowls
and the other board member's food contributions, the following people
will also be bringing desserts and finger-food: Sandra, Jerry Raymond,
Barbara Plaster, Jesse, and Raymundo. Lisa and I will bring flowers
and several people are bringing wine. We'll have two poetry readings
by Curtis and Lisa. Sharon and Rita will talk about Jim's life and
what he meant to all of us. Finally, Gary and I put together a DVD of
photos of Jim's life. I really want to make this a happy social event
(tears are certainly understandable) where we not only celebrate Jim
but also acknowledge the wonderful love story of Jim and Don. Lisa
and I will be at the church at 2pm to set up. I hope you can all make

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