Thursday, October 30, 2008

ABC's Extreme Makeover Home Edition is Looking


Kristen LaMantia
ABC's Extreme Makeover Home Edition
Casting Coordinator/ Assistant
323.785.1004 office
323.785.2426 fax

Dear Organization,

I am a Family Casting Coordinator/ Assistant with ABC TV's "Extreme
Makeover: Home Edition." We are in the process of finding families in
need for our next season of shows.

If you have seen our show then you know that we build houses for
amazing families in need. We are looking for inspirational families
that America can really root for. We have set our sights on finding
real American heroes…people who selflessly give in spite of their own
personal challenges. Perhaps there is someone within your
organization that fits that description.

We're looking for – heroes of the community who, for whatever reason,
need a new home. While we know that there are so many families in
need all over this country, we want to focus on people that have given
back in some way despite their personal hardships. Some examples from
past episodes include The Bliven family of Minot, ND who started a
little league baseball program for children with special needs. And
in Indiana, Shawna Farina heads up the local Relay For Life cancer
walk for life in honor of her mother's struggle with the disease and,
in an ironic twist of fate, now battles breast cancer herself. Some
of our episodes have focused on people who have been heroic within
their own family. Betsy Rogers of North Pole Alaska took in her
brother and his 2 small children when he was diagnosed with kidney
failure despite the fact that she lived in a tiny run down home with 9
children of her own. Amy Hawkins of Hendersonville, TN was left
paralyzed after she threw her body over her 2 sons as a tornado ripped
apart their home. As you can see, our definition of "hero" can be
fairly broad.

To be eligible, a family must own their own single family home or at
least property on which a home can be built. Plus, they must be able
to show producers how a makeover will make a huge difference in their

Interested families should e-mail a short description of their family
story to:casttexas@gmail. com

Nominations must include the names and ages of each member of the
household along with a description of the major challenges within the
home. Please also include contact information of the family. If
possible, we would also love to see pictures of the family and their

The deadline for hero nominations is November 6, 2008. I know it is
short notice, but I do appreciate any leads you might have to find a
great family in your community.

You as well as your colleagues may feel free to call us directly or
email us with any questions or concerns, however, please do not share
our direct contact information with the general public. All public
communication should be made through the casttexas@gmail. com email

Again, I can't thank you enough for helping us with this campaign.

nathan day 817-602-2081 CELL
270-721-0482 FAX

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